Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Orientation Day 1:

Monday of Orientation at IJM may well end up being my favorite. At least at this point the others will have a lot to live up to. 

On Monday we heard from IJM founder and president, Gary Haugen about the spiritual foundations of IJM. In my view it was more if a glimpse of the organizations heart. That heart is reflected in IJM's vision and mode of conduct. It is a spiritual heart directed toward the glory of God and the spreading of the Gospel. 

In this IJM relies on the Word of God first and last to receive its mission. Most beautiful is the commitment to prayer on an individual and corporate level to infuse every workday with the knowledge of the end of worship of our Creator and King. 

It was awesome to see how this builds the vision around the core mission of IJM which is to protect the world's poor from everyday violence and injustice. The commitment to focus on that one thing while being open to addressing the immortal soul and partnering with others who can carry other aspects of the Gospel alongside this important work. 

And as Gary reminded us, God cares just as much about how we do as what we do. And this is why IJM is committed to Christian and professional excellence in the manner as well as the goals. 

Additionally, I appreciated IJM's commitment to the spiritual growth of its own staff on the same level as those helped. 

Needless to say, I have never felt the passion for IJM's work stronger than I have today. I see God removing able fears and reservations about his call to this internship. If you are inspired as well, you can be a part of IJM's important work. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring my work with IJM by following the "Give" link at www.ijm.org and choosing my name from the dropdown menu of interns on the donation page. 

Some other interesting notes on the day. I visited the headquarters of the influential and somewhat infamous Council on Foreign Relations.

I also used my knowledge of DC's event processes to secure a spot at the Mediterranean Leadership Award Gala Reception where Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma was supposed to be presented with an award. The senator never showed up but I fulfilled my real mission by filling up on the free food. :) 

Here's to what God brings next. 

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