Saturday, June 28, 2014

Learning as We Go

Having spent a week now in South Asia, I have noticed a few things and maybe even learned a few other things.
  1. Someone really needs to turn down the temperature over here.
  2. Traffic, both vehicle and human, does not follow the traditional western rules, but that doesn't make it chaotic. It allows for constant negotiation between everyone sharing the roadways for a more efficient use of the limited space.
  3. Riding in auto rickshaws is a fun experience, but the drivers need to learn to use the meter as intended.
  4. The most fun mode of transport is walking. That's when I get to be part of the negotiations. I'd do it more if not for number 1.
  5. The monsoon rains make traffic very interesting.
  6. I miss seeing people smile more often. Thankfully, my colleagues make up for the general populace.
  7. Shopping is not so bad once you actually are able to find your objective.
  8. Riding the metro is the best form of vehicle travel. It's safe, reliable, and consistent; no haggling necessary. It really does amuse me how much people will press toward the doors of train without necessity as if they need to get off quickly, but how slowly they actually walk.
  9. Lines are optional.
  10. I love the challenge of finding my way around a completely new place and of remaining aware of my surroundings.
  11. Much heat is very tiring.
  12. There are too many different kinds of curry, and most of them aren't really that good.
  13. Apparently, spices go in everything, including our drinks. Like, why can't we just have some things plain? Not everything needs all the flavors.
  14. I never expected myself to like the taste of air fresheners. But I  never expected my dessert to taste like one either.
  15. Some Indian food is really good. And roti with everything is the way to go.
  16. I never thought I'd actually look forward to taking cold showers.
  17. Truly realizing that every person you see is an image-bearer of God is a lot different when you are traveling.

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